Welcome to Rekemo!

Rekemo is an organizational and ICT consultancy. We specialize in "Electronic Data Interchange" which enables efficiency of operations and maximum utilization of ICT within businesses.

What we do

We give mission oriented organization and ICT consults tailored to your specific needs and provide you with all the tools you need to get the most out of ICT and the potential of your business.

We offer a wide base of SMS marketing, gaming and funding services through our own international SMS network.

We design and develop your custom software, application and website equipped with the latest mobile payment solutions.


Services and Solutions


  • Management consulting according to the OBS methodology
  • Industrial automation with OBS
  • Training in the OBS methodology
  • Corporate SMS services (Information, Marketing & Games)


  • OBS (Planning & Management System)
  • GSM-Credits (Mobile Payment & Loyalty System)
  • SCom (SMS Communication System)
  • Wishlist (Mobile Shopping & Wishlist)
  • Jackpot (SMS Lottery)



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